Pork tenderloin med-rare, Broccolini from the garden and cous cous.

And the kids eat what we eat.



Back in the saddle!

I’ve been gone for a few years. Time has been tight with our second child in the picture. I’ve focused all my “extra” time on making the garden work. But I have been taking pictures all along. She’s 4 1/2 now and our oldest is 9 1/2. I’m going to try to go back and retroactively post my pics and do the same going forward. Probably not a lot of time for text but at least I’ll get back into it.

Bought a bass today ’cause I missed butchering.

Pan seared bass, poached potatoes, sauteed green beans and a blistered sungold tomato and basil sauce. Everything but the fish was from the garden!

Lend me your ears – learning about corn.

We had a great harvest of our “burm corn” this year… but I screwed it up. I was waiting for the ears to get bigger… I guess this “quick” variety doesn’t get too big. Eventually I did some research and found that you can tell ripeness by when the tassels go brown. And, I learned that if you don’t pick at peak ripeness… the corn will be super starchy and not so good. We only were able to eat a few ears. But I’m trying to try them out and then grind the kernels and make polenta. We’ll see.