The key is the corn stock!

  • Strip the corn.
  • Simmer the cobs in water. (Use a pan big enough to hold them whole. If you cut them the bitterness of the inner part of the cob will ruin the stock.)
  • Make the risotto mostly with the stock. A little water is okay.
  • Add already butter sautéed corn to the rice.
  • Finish as you would normally finish risotto.
  • Note: I’m not going to blog about how to make risotto… now. It is technically difficult and hard to explain without showing. Maybe another time though.

    Date night dinner – sweet corn risotto!

Simple 10 minute dinner!

As I’ve said before, a quick tomato sauce of garlic, olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, and fresh chopped tomatoes doesn’t require you to peel and deseed the tomatoes. And, the sauce is ready even before the pasta is cooked. Easy week night dinner here… and couldn’t be more delicious. I’ll give you some variations in upcoming posts. (Oh, don’t forget to finish the sauce with butter and top with grated parm!)

A la minute Pomodoro… if you don’t mind mind mixing languages…

Doubling up on the garden!

I strayed a bit from my Italian roots on this one. The beans are from the garden and are as tasty as they are huge. The starch is a potato leek gratan with home made bread crumbs and cream. The Fish is mahi mahi with a salsa Vera Cruzana. The tomatoes in the sauce are from the garden. It also has garlic, caper, cocktail onions, and fresh parsley from the garden. It is inspired by a dish at one of our favorite restaurants, Ole, in Cambridge MA.

Pescado ala Vera Cruzana


Filetto di Manzo is what you would call a steak in certain parts of Italy. Panzanella is a bread and tomato salad that is wonderful in the summer. I like to combine the two and call them “Manzanella.” It is wonderful for lunch or dinner… particularly with a nice summer beer!

Steak, tomato & bread salad Tuscan style

Papa al Pomodoro

The tomatoes took FOREVER to come in and then to ripen. But, when the finally did, I had a different tomato-based dish for 8 consecutive meals. Up next are the highlight.

It has take me months to start the blog and put the pictures up. I’ll be ambitious and “promise” that I’ll put up recipes later. (Faster if anyone reads this and asks for them!)

Tuscan bread and tomato soup – Soup-er easy to make!