Cooking & creating without stress

By the end of my restaurant career I was so burnt out that I couldn’t really create anymore. I would overthink everything and become obsessed with quantifying everything to an absurd degree so that I could teach other people to execute without fucking up… which never works. (Wow! That sounded more conceited and bitter than it was meant to be… Oh well!)

My point is that once I recovered from cooking for a living, cooking became fun, easy, and creative again. Now, I want to make something I’ve never made before, I just google it… then ignore most of what I find, create what I want, and it usually comes out amazing. Below is my first attempt at stuffed mushrooms. I just had my 10th anniversary and finally found a way to make my wife eat a mushroom!

And I got to use my first herb from the garden. Fresh nepitella is amazing with mushrooms! More to come on the garden!

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