Fight the blight… among other things.

Its that time of year that powdery mildew is attaching my squash, wilt is going after my tomatoes, something is eating my brussel sprouts and broccolini, and I don’t know why my cucumbers are dying…

I’m using Bon Neem on the squash and cucumbers and some organic insecticide on the other stuff. And, I’m using anti-bug stuff on the tomatoes, as I think the issue is aphids. Keep watering. Keep fertilizing. Keep trimming..

Some of it works. Some, not so much. A rainy day would help…

3 thoughts on “Fight the blight… among other things.

    1. No. Ours are calypsos, I think. Smaller, more pickling size. Great flavor, but have had consistency of size, shape, and health issues for two years. I guess, I’m glad to know it’s not the variety. I’m going to try to plant further from the squash next year and see if that helps. Let me know if you figure it out. – Matt

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      1. Everyone we talk to said it is from the rain and pollutants. I don’t know. I can say we don’t have the same problems with things we keep in the greenhouse. It also has a uv screen. We were thinking to cover the garden in one next year to see if it is the screen or not.


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