We’ve got the beets… salad!

Grilled Stead and crusty bread with a salad of goat cheese and marinated golden beets from the garden.

Trying for a fall crop this year.

So I got everything in the ground earlier this spring. Which was nice. It lead to a heavy early harvest which is now tapering out… except for the squash, which I’m starting to get pretty sick of. So, I figured I’d try to do a fall harvest this year. But, I needed to get stuff in the ground just a little bit before I had the space. So I decided to start everything in little seed containers on the porch sills.

Brilliant idea. Poor execution. I didn’t realize how qickly they would germinate, grow, hit the top, and die/mold. Useful idea if executed better next year.

Round two seems to have been more successful:

I let them have a little more space and didn’t cover them, and most seemed to do better.

Fight the blight… among other things.

Its that time of year that powdery mildew is attaching my squash, wilt is going after my tomatoes, something is eating my brussel sprouts and broccolini, and I don’t know why my cucumbers are dying…

I’m using Bon Neem on the squash and cucumbers and some organic insecticide on the other stuff. And, I’m using anti-bug stuff on the tomatoes, as I think the issue is aphids. Keep watering. Keep fertilizing. Keep trimming..

Some of it works. Some, not so much. A rainy day would help…

Oh, the pressure!

It’s tough to find the time to keep up with my harvesting and all the preparation that needs doing. I stuffed  a ton of squash today and roasted some beets. I froze the squash and hope to find time to pickle the beets. When I have time, I’ll post recipes.

Up next this week is transplanting my seedlings for my fall crops. When will I find the time…

The fun of not knowing

I opted for the sunflower sampler pack. Much like not knowing the sex of our children ahead of time, it has been a wonderful surprise as they’s bloomed. Some don’t even look like sunflowers… I think. Of course it would be nice if they were all the same and bloomed together. But, it’s also kinda nice that they’re coming in stages. Looks like we’ll have some of them most of the time for the rest of the summer. I also didn’t know that each stalk might can produce many flowers. Here are some pics. I’ll take one more in the next few days of the largest stalk. It’s almost the diameter of a baseball bat!