Pork tenderloin med-rare, Broccolini from the garden and cous cous.

And the kids eat what we eat.



Back in the saddle!

I’ve been gone for a few years. Time has been tight with our second child in the picture. I’ve focused all my “extra” time on making the garden work. But I have been taking pictures all along. She’s 4 1/2 now and our oldest is 9 1/2. I’m going to try to go back and retroactively post my pics and do the same going forward. Probably not a lot of time for text but at least I’ll get back into it.

Bought a bass today ’cause I missed butchering.

Pan seared bass, poached potatoes, sauteed green beans and a blistered sungold tomato and basil sauce. Everything but the fish was from the garden!

Easy summer salmon

If I ever eat another farm raised Atlantic salmon, it will be too soon. But, whenever, King, Coho, etc. are on sale, I stock up. These are two different simple summer preparations of Coho with grilled home made honey corn bread. Sunburst squash with the first, broccolini with the second. Easy, quick, delicious, healthy.

Pasta Primavera… with sausage

Pasta primavera is a great way to get rid of… er, um, I mean fully utilize a bunch of different veggies. A pain in the ass to prep and cook. More labor intensive than one might think. But, we had friends for dinner the other night and it was a hit. Of course, adding a little Italian sausage don’t hurt! (And, I saut√©ed some of the veggies in bacon fat…)

Iron Chef Summer

Actually finding my garden a little stressful this year. There is so much to do and so many veggies to use. But, that’s more a comment on my current state of mind than it is on my love of finding out how to use my harvest. This was a use of the last of the store bought veggies in the fridge, left over potatoes, the mushrooms I bought for Stroganoff, and veggies from the garden. It’s sorta’ a cross between a stew, a stir fry, and stroganoff… and turned out delicious. ‘Course I can’t remember how I made it…