The sprouts are coming!

So, I can’t seem to get my brussels sprouts to grow well from seed. They germinate and then get all stringy and fall over or die. Three years in a row. And, I wanted to get them in the ground early. So, I didn’t wait for the local place where I love to get herbs etc.  Eagle Farms So I bought seedlings at Home Depot. (Gasp!) But they’ve been really good. I’ve Capt’n Jacked them weekly during pest season, but they have seemed to thrive in less sunny, less well drained bed. I just topped them on the 10th of Sept. (Because I’m writing this retroactively. But this pic was when I first noticed that they were really coming in on Aug. 20th.B.Sprouts


Ricotta and Thyme stuffed squash blossoms from the garden lightly battered and pan fried with a drizzle of local raw honey and aged balsamic



Pan roasted pork loin with home grown purple potatoes, sage, and a marsala sauce.

Easy summer salmon

If I ever eat another farm raised Atlantic salmon, it will be too soon. But, whenever, King, Coho, etc. are on sale, I stock up. These are two different simple summer preparations of Coho with grilled home made honey corn bread. Sunburst squash with the first, broccolini with the second. Easy, quick, delicious, healthy.

Pasta Primavera… with sausage

Pasta primavera is a great way to get rid of… er, um, I mean fully utilize a bunch of different veggies. A pain in the ass to prep and cook. More labor intensive than one might think. But, we had friends for dinner the other night and it was a hit. Of course, adding a little Italian sausage don’t hurt! (And, I sautéed some of the veggies in bacon fat…)

Green veggie-palooza

The snap peas are amazing and bountiful. The green beens a coming in gangbusters and are still delicious at almost a foot long, so the yield in terms of portions is off the charts. Variety: Fortex. Also was my best producer last year. The broccolini is starting in too and I literally don’t know what to do will all the squash—and that’s just from two squash plants!