Fall Dinner Party – Last of the corn

Warm Duck Confit Salad with home grown arugula pears and pistachios
Sweet corn risotto garnished with housemade, home grown, oil cured sungold tomatoes
Blueberry Buckle. Berries picker by our family. Recipe form the amazing “Standard Baking Co. Pastries”

Espaliered Fruit Trees Coming Along Nicely

My fruit trees were planted in Nov. of 2016 as one year old whips. They grew some the first year but have gone crazy this year. Some are challenging and not meeting my expectations. But all in all, they are doing great. A few are actually fully covering their section of wire. I’m anticipating getting a decent harvest next year… if I can figure out how to effectively net them.


SSW facing wall: Grapes, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Moonglow Pear, Bartlett, Grapes
SSW facing shed wall: Sour Cherry
WSW facing shed wall: Sweet Cherry (planted spring 2018 – semi-dwarf)
Grape trellis made from an old roofing ladder that came with our house. Four different varieties.

My first 100% garden salad

So the lettuce finally came in. So, not counting my cucumber panzanella, this is my first salad totally from the garden. (Except for the salami — my wife won’t let me get pigs… yet.) Salad, breakfast of champions.

Also, we’ve had torrential rain the last week or so. Many of my beautiful sungold toms have split even though I harvest daily. It happens. Don’t’ toss them. Make a salad or oven roast them and put them under oil. They’ll last months. More on that later.



garden salad

The sprouts are coming!

So, I can’t seem to get my brussels sprouts to grow well from seed. They germinate and then get all stringy and fall over or die. Three years in a row. And, I wanted to get them in the ground early. So, I didn’t wait for the local place where I love to get herbs etc.  Eagle Farms So I bought seedlings at Home Depot. (Gasp!) But they’ve been really good. I’ve Capt’n Jacked them weekly during pest season, but they have seemed to thrive in less sunny, less well drained bed. I just topped them on the 10th of Sept. (Because I’m writing this retroactively. But this pic was when I first noticed that they were really coming in on Aug. 20th.B.Sprouts