Pasta Primavera… with sausage

Pasta primavera is a great way to get rid of… er, um, I mean fully utilize a bunch of different veggies. A pain in the ass to prep and cook. More labor intensive than one might think. But, we had friends for dinner the other night and it was a hit. Of course, adding a little Italian sausage don’t hurt! (And, I sautéed some of the veggies in bacon fat…)

The vegetables of my labor

I’m so excited about the garden that I have to remember to shoot and post the final product. This a part of a whole roasted chicken with lightly sauted snow peas from the garden and roasted baby potatoes. (And, I make have snuck in some stove top stuffing. I’m not a proud man.) I did make the gravy from scratch. I stuffed the bird with lemon and thyme from the garden. It was delicious.