So much happening in the garden these days!

Beet Greens looking healthier after culling the rotting ones. Beets seem unaffected, though growing a little slowly 

Raspberry bushes are caning like maniacs. We should have nice fruit next year.

Some of the tomato varieties are really starting to get big.

Between the Squash taking over the world and my cukes having issues, I added on an extra trellis for my vining little friends. and they are starting to reciprocate my love… Despite some cucumber beetle spottings and some signs of wilt. We’ll see how long they last.

Reduce, reuse, recycle…

With some slight modifications, I was able to reuse almost all of my trellises from last year. I’ve put them in piecemeal as the individual veggies demanded. Got the cucumber trellis up today. It’s the melon trellis from last year with some modifications. There’s no way it needs to be that tall… and it should be a little wider… but it’s done.