Green veggie-palooza

The snap peas are amazing and bountiful. The green beens a coming in gangbusters and are still delicious at almost a foot long, so the yield in terms of portions is off the charts. Variety: Fortex. Also was my best producer last year. The broccolini is starting in too and I literally don’t know what to do will all the squash—and that’s just from two squash plants!

Snow peas

I love the variety of snow peas I grew this year. They are an Asian variety that is yellow and really easy to see to pick. They’re about 3-5″ long and super tenter. They’s so good that my 6 year old begged to eat them raw right off the plants and to go in his lunch. They came quick and put out quick. Now they’re on their way out. I’m going to pull them soon and then plant a second round for fall harvest. You can tell the bottoms are already turning yellow and the peas aren’t as nice.

So much happening in the garden these days!

Beet Greens looking healthier after culling the rotting ones. Beets seem unaffected, though growing a little slowly 

Raspberry bushes are caning like maniacs. We should have nice fruit next year.

Some of the tomato varieties are really starting to get big.

Between the Squash taking over the world and my cukes having issues, I added on an extra trellis for my vining little friends. and they are starting to reciprocate my love… Despite some cucumber beetle spottings and some signs of wilt. We’ll see how long they last.

Out of control herbs

I grow thyme, sage, parsley, basil, mint, (try to grow oregano and rosemary,) and grow an amazing Italian herb called Nepitella. Think of it as a cross between mint, oregano, and sage. It is wonderful with mushrooms and I imagine, great with lamb. It is actually in the catnip family… for what that’s worth.

The important other things to know about it are that it is perennial and grows like a weed. I’ve already had to cut it back hard and started drying it out. on my pot pack. Works great for drying hard herbs. Looks like every one is getting dried Nepitella for Christmas/Hanukkah this year!

My Thyme is flowering and out of control already too. I just made a nice bouquet in a rocks class that classed up the house visually and in an olfactory way.

The vegetables of my labor

I’m so excited about the garden that I have to remember to shoot and post the final product. This a part of a whole roasted chicken with lightly sauted snow peas from the garden and roasted baby potatoes. (And, I make have snuck in some stove top stuffing. I’m not a proud man.) I did make the gravy from scratch. I stuffed the bird with lemon and thyme from the garden. It was delicious.

What’s growing on?

Here are some picture updates of what growing on…

Bed 1: Above: Brocollini & Brussel Sprouts          Below: Snow peas & yellow peppers (Sadly, store bought peppers. That was the only thing that didn’t germinate at all this year. Poop!)

Bed 2: Above: Pole beans. Below: 2nd year asparagus & snow peas.

Below, Bed 3: Sunburst squash, cukes, and herbs.

Sophisticated tomato suspension device!

Last spring I spent Memorial Day weekend weening my daughter on to bottles. She sat on my chest and screamed for about 72 hours straight. I used the time well. I caught up on the last few episodes of Warehouse 13 on and researched ways to make inexpensive trellises and vertical gardening devices. I came across something like this on day three. I’ve given it my own name. It worked well last year. I did a simpler design but a more complicated configuration this year. I’m also using thicker rope. I was concerned last year that the string cut in to the main stem. We’ll see how it works this year. So far, so good!