What’s growing on?

Here are some picture updates of what growing on…

Bed 1: Above: Brocollini & Brussel Sprouts          Below: Snow peas & yellow peppers (Sadly, store bought peppers. That was the only thing that didn’t germinate at all this year. Poop!)

Bed 2: Above: Pole beans. Below: 2nd year asparagus & snow peas.

Below, Bed 3: Sunburst squash, cukes, and herbs.

My “berm” crops

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the crops in my new beds on the berm. I’ve had to fight animals and people. But, what started as an almost throw away project because I didn’t want to grow grass there, has become something I’m excited about. Some of the corn didn’t make it. And I’m not sure if the replacments will have time to grow. The middle bed of sunflowers may have been a favorite place of the local pests… either the squirrels, dogs, or junior high kids. I replanted twice. They’re growing now. But maybe too late. Oh no. Now I’m invested in this throw away project…