Last of the snow peas

Bistro steak with snow peas and garlic bread.

Snow peas

I love the variety of snow peas I grew this year. They are an Asian variety that is yellow and really easy to see to pick. They’re about 3-5″ long and super tenter. They’s so good that my 6 year old begged to eat them raw right off the plants and to go in his lunch. They came quick and put out quick. Now they’re on their way out. I’m going to pull them soon and then plant a second round for fall harvest. You can tell the bottoms are already turning yellow and the peas aren’t as nice.

The vegetables of my labor

I’m so excited about the garden that I have to remember to shoot and post the final product. This a part of a whole roasted chicken with lightly sauted snow peas from the garden and roasted baby potatoes. (And, I make have snuck in some stove top stuffing. I’m not a proud man.) I did make the gravy from scratch. I stuffed the bird with lemon and thyme from the garden. It was delicious.