What growing on now?

Corn is staring to do it’s thing. Look like we might get two ears per stalk.

Tomatoes are making appearances even if they are hard to get in focus…

The sunflowers and the corn are taller than my daughter and about a day away form being taller than my son.

Sophisticated tomato suspension device!

Last spring I spent Memorial Day weekend weening my daughter on to bottles. She sat on my chest and screamed for about 72 hours straight. I used the time well. I caught up on the last few episodes of Warehouse 13 on Syfi.com and researched ways to make inexpensive trellises and vertical gardening devices. I came across something like this on day three. I’ve given it my own name. It worked well last year. I did a simpler design but a more complicated configuration this year. I’m also using thicker rope. I was concerned last year that the string cut in to the main stem. We’ll see how it works this year. So far, so good!

Tomato tradgedy

So, last year, my first year, I only lost two tomatoes all year to animals. But there is something in my garden this year that is sabotaging me in a big way. It waits until the seedlings have two to four leaves and then rips them off, sometimes eating them, sometimes leaving them on the ground. I was absolutely crushed when I found the leaves eaten off of 6 of the 8 tomato plants I was growing. I was forced to head up to Thayer Nursery and buy some seedlings.

Of course the didn’t have the obscure varieties that I wanted to grow, but the selection was pretty good. And, I like working with them more than going to the home center. Andy has been my gardening guru up there for about a year now. Really cool guy and really knowledgable. In addition to the seedlings, he sent me home with some hot pepper wax to deter the thieves… hopefully.