My little sweet pea

Just starting and looking beautiful.

What’s growing on?

Here are some picture updates of what growing on…

Bed 1: Above: Brocollini & Brussel Sprouts          Below: Snow peas & yellow peppers (Sadly, store bought peppers. That was the only thing that didn’t germinate at all this year. Poop!)

Bed 2: Above: Pole beans. Below: 2nd year asparagus & snow peas.

Below, Bed 3: Sunburst squash, cukes, and herbs.

Sophisticated tomato suspension device!

Last spring I spent Memorial Day weekend weening my daughter on to bottles. She sat on my chest and screamed for about 72 hours straight. I used the time well. I caught up on the last few episodes of Warehouse 13 on and researched ways to make inexpensive trellises and vertical gardening devices. I came across something like this on day three. I’ve given it my own name. It worked well last year. I did a simpler design but a more complicated configuration this year. I’m also using thicker rope. I was concerned last year that the string cut in to the main stem. We’ll see how it works this year. So far, so good!

Reduce, reuse, recycle…

With some slight modifications, I was able to reuse almost all of my trellises from last year. I’ve put them in piecemeal as the individual veggies demanded. Got the cucumber trellis up today. It’s the melon trellis from last year with some modifications. There’s no way it needs to be that tall… and it should be a little wider… but it’s done.